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About MG21

MG21, Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School for the 21st Century, is a project-based public charter school which serves 75 students in grades 6 through 12 in the Monona Grove School District. Our mission is to provide a student-centered educational community for independent learners which is designed to give students the skills to walk their path in life. Our programming focuses on relationships, project-based learning, meaningful engagement and academic skills that help students explore and move forward on their personal and educational path. Students who thrive here are curious, self-directed learners who enjoy inquiry-based learning in a smaller educational community. 

MG21 has a Middle Campus that serves students in grades 6-8 and an Upper Campus that serves students in grades 9-12. Our focus is on 21st century skills utilizing a combination of thematically integrated curriculum and student led project-based learning.

Collaboration and critical thinking skills serve as the focus of the MG21 curriculum. Partnerships with local businesses, organizations and community members offer opportunities for hands-on and individualized experiences. MG21 encourages students to “take control of their education.”

The foundational pieces of the MG21 program are:

  • Project-Based Learning (PBL): PBL is an inquiry-based learning process in which students design, plan, investigate, research and present their own projects in response to an essential question, problem, or challenge. Various types of PBL projects include student designed creative, inquiry, or acquisition projects, seminars led by experts and teacher written independent study projects. Rigorous projects are carefully planned, managed, and assessed to help students create high-quality, authentic products & presentations. When students have a stronger voice in designing their course of study, they find inspiration, take risks, challenge themselves and ultimately buy into their own education.
  • Service Learning: Our service-learning curriculum connects students with community organizations through volunteering and community action. It increases student confidence working with others and empowers students to feel they can make change in the world.
  • Academic Skills and Social-Emotional Growth: Rigorous academic skills (research, writing, critical thinking, reading, math, discussion), 21st century skills and social-emotional skills are fostered at MG21 to promote student success during school and after graduation.
  • Outdoor Wilderness Education & Stewardship: Outdoor wilderness education and stewardship is incorporated into our curriculum. Students learn green and sustainable practices which encourage student awareness of nature and enhance their role as stewards of the environment.

We have developed a systematic approach to education that views each student as a “whole person,” whose needs must be met and reflected within a curriculum that is student-centered. The ultimate purpose of education, from our view, is to teach students to ask and answer the question: “How do I want to live my life?”

For more information on our Middle and Upper Campus visit our website.


Meeting Notice

MG21 Governance Board Meeting
2nd Wednesday of every month during the school year @ 4:30.

MG21 School Building
5301 Monona Drive, Monona

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